Military medics of Ukraine
Yaroslav Synytskyi
Military medic

Sinytskyi Yaroslav Serhiyovych. 14.07.1994

After graduating from school, he entered the Kharkiv Medical University, where he worked in an ambulance almost from the 1st year of study. He had about 15 shifts a month, after work each morning, he went to study. And all for the sake of learning how to rescue people’s lives. He also graduated from Mykolaiv University, where he got degree in rehabilitation. He likes football very much. He is so talented. He even worked as a medic during matches.

Then he decided to join the army in order to raise a real man in himself, and again, to be where he might be needed during the war – to rescue the lives of Ukrainians. So he got into the service of the 36th brigade. In May 2022, Yaroslav was already supposed to return home to Kharkiv. But that cursed night of the 24th came… He immediately found himself in the very hell – Mariupol. Of course, at first everyone was scared, they didn’t know what to do, but he, like all his brothers, quickly got a hold of themselves and held their own, risking their lives every second to save others. He got in touch sometimes every other day, sometimes once a week. And that connection was “+”. Such a long-awaited “+”. “I am alive”. Before being captured, their brigade was at the Ilyich factory. Then, on April 12, after two days of silence, he texted me: “hello, love. I love you very much, remember this forever.” And silence again… I forgot how to breathe. Because she clearly understood that it was not just like that. Then, at 3 o’clock, he wrote from someone else’s phone that: “the brigade is in captivity. Everything will be fine. I love you very much.”

Lots of months and days passed since that day already.

That damned silence without his voice.

I am very grateful to the universe that there were those people who saw him in captivity, who said that he was alive and well.

But all the same, it does not fit in the head, as in the 21st century, a person can sit in captivity. A doctor who is supposed to save lives has been in captivity for almost a year.

But I am so happy that I know he is alive. God hears us.

And we will hug very soon.