Military medics of Ukraine

Captured medics

Oleksiy Gutnik
Military medic

Gutnik Oleksiy Gennadiyovych 19.11.1976. Sailor of the 36th Marine Brigade, driver of an evacuation vehicle mtlb. He was captured from Azovstal on May 20, 2022. The family has been waiting for a year of captivity without knowing anything about their own father, husband, son.

Vyktor Ivchuk
Commander of the 555th hospital of Mariupol

Viktor Mykhailovych Ivchuk – (born July 13, 1983), colonel of the Medical Service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; the first military medic who got the Order of “Bohdan Khmelnytskyi” III degree; awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the “Golden Star” medal.

In 2010 graduated from Vinnytsia National Medical University named after Pirogov.

In 2016 graduated from the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, obtained a master’s degree in the specialty Organization of medical support of troops (forces), obtained the qualification of a professional in the organization and management of health care, an officer of military management at the operational and tactical level.

Viktor Ivchuk is a legendary person. Since 2014 was in Donbas as part of the 95th separate airborne assault brigade as a chief medical officer. Took part in the most famous Raid of the 95th. During the assault on Savur-Mohyla, he was gunshot wounded, but despite this, he organized a special operation to evacuate dozens of wounded comrades.

Exactly one month before the full-scale war, on January 24, 2022, Viktor Mykhailovych was transferred from Kyiv to the city of Mariupol to the position of commander of the 555th military hospital.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, thanks to the commander Ivchuk Victor and the team of doctors of the hospital, hundreds of lives of the defenders of Mariupol and its residents were rescued. The number of wounded increased every day, and surgeries were held under fire in basements in helmets and body armor. The hospital was constantly shelled and purposefully bombed!

Another bomb hit the hospital in mid-March, and it was no longer possible to stay there. All the medical personnel, together with the wounded, divided into two groups. The first joined the Ukrainian military at Azovstal, the second, including the commander – Viktor Ivchuk – went to the Ilyicha metallurgical plant.

On April 11, 2022, by decree of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Ivchuk Viktor Mykhailovych was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine, and on April 12, he and his staff were taken prisoner.

The wife remembers the last phone conversation with her husband at the beginning of April – he was saying goodbye to her and to his son, because he did not know what was waiting for them, whether they would live another day, whether they would be able to endure.

He and the rest of the doctors have been in captivity for a year. They saved the lives of both military and civilians until the last, and the country cannot SAVE THEM yet!

His son, wife, parents, brother are waiting for him at home.

Andrii Shydlovskiy
Military medic

Andrii was born in 1994 in the Rivne region. He was an active boy from an early age, participating in all school events and concerts.
In addition, he was very interested in biology and wanted to become a doctor.
In 2012, he entered the Dnipro Medical Academy, and during all six years of studentship and two years of internship, he was active in all matters. It is impossible to find a person who does not know who Andrii Shidlovskyi is) the organizer of hostel parties, the headman, to solve problems or need help – all turn to Andrii. But he did not forget about medicine. From the third year, he started working in intensive care in order to learn the art of intensive therapy and to help people. He worked very hard and hard. During his internship, he lived in a hospital, gained experience, and saved people’s lives in a team with other employees of the department. There he showed himself as sincere, kind, selfless, he is the kind of person who will help and save in any case, the kind that a real doctor and a decent person should be.
In 2020, Andriy became a military medic. To rescue and help where there are critically few people of his specialty. Before the full-scale invasion, he was on rotation with his unit in the war zone. There he worked in the medical center, periodically went to the city, bought medicine for the boys, treated them, made rounds. He even had time to learn new things, because being a doctor means continuous professional development.
After February 24, Andrii found himself in Mariupol almost immediately. He rarely communicated. He always called “in a good mood, was always fed, dressed and always slept”, oh, this is so similar to Andrii). there was no internet. He called once every 3-4 days, for a couple of minutes. And in those conversations there were constant explosions, they seemed not to die out at all… The best gift for March 8 is two minutes of conversation with him. And then he disappeared for 19 long days. I didn’t know what happened to him, if he was even alive. It seemed that I was going crazy from the unknown and waiting… Then I just didn’t know that then I would wait for 10 months … and this is not the end. On April 5, he got in touch, they had the Internet from somewhere. Then I found out that all this time they and the hospital were constantly in the bunker, that he works as an anesthesiologist and not only that: dressings, surgeries, medical appointments. That’s when he sent me these photos of people saving lives with headlamps in the basement.
Then the connection disappeared again. He appeared only on April 12, when Andriy reported that they had been captured.
I know that he is alive, it is reported to me by those who have escaped from captivity. I also know that he did not betray his medical duty, that he is the one who is called a real doctor. Which is a big plus, but in these conditions, unfortunately, also a minus.
I hope that he will come out very soon and tell himself what adventures and trials fell on his young doctor’s shoulders.
His family and friends, whom Andrii has a lot, are waiting for him.


Igor Turchak
Military medic

Turchak Igor Eduardovych, born on October 29, 1984 in Ukraine. In 2014, when the war came to Ukraine, Ihor without hesitation joined the 36th separate brigade of marines named after Mykhailo Bilinsky, to defend his country.
After training in combat skills and providing first aid to the wounded on the battlefield, since 2015 he served in the hottest points of combat clashes, protecting the sovereignty and integrity of his State.
In 2019, Igor decides to transfer to a medical company, after completing additional courses of pre-medical care in combat conditions, he gets the occupation of driver of an evacuation medical vehicle. Back to the forefront – hot spots again.
During the war, many lives were saved – emergency aid was provided, hundreds of wounded comrades were evacuated from the battlefield. Being a driver in a medical brigade in war is difficult, first of all, morally – constantly passing through all the pain, fear and despair of wounded comrades, understanding that a person’s life depends on your composure, professionalism and speed…but sometimes nothing depends on you , you are behind the wheel and medicine on the battlefield, unfortunately, is not all-powerful… But there is no time for procrastination and doubts, fight again, drive – we are working.
It was the same in the spring of 2022. The task of his brigade was to evacuate the wounded to the Ilyicha factory in Mariupol, where professional doctors were already waiting to provide the necessary assistance – the conditions are extremely difficult, but everyone works in one team, the goal is to rescue everyone’s life, above all else.
On April 15, 2022, the call – “I am in captivity, I love you very much” … And then 5 months of silence … We are in the darkness of the unknown – where to turn, where to look for at least some information, how is he there …
In August, like a breath of air, a letter from Igor, only three lines, three so desired, so long-awaited lines: “I am in captivity, I am really waiting for an exchange to return home.”
And again 5 months of silence… And no one can say where he is, in what condition, whether he will be on the lists for exchange…
A year of full-scale war in Ukraine, 10 months Igor in captivity.
Eight years of Birthdays, his daughter Eva celebrates without her father, she is already 17, from a little girl in pink skirts, with bows in her hair, Eva turned to a young girl, she graduates and is looking forward to her father.
Also, Igor’s wife, Kateryna, is very much looking forward to his return. During the years of Igor’s service, Kateryna was forced to become the head of the family and raise her daughter alone. But no matter how difficult it was during his long business trips to the war zone, Katya always waited for Igor, and she is waiting now. Waiting with faith and love.
Igor’s family believes in the strength of their country, in its indomitability – Ukraine is unbreakable by its hero sons who stood up to protect their families and homes.

Volodymyr Skydan
Military medic

Skydan Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, born on April 6, 1991, in the city of Berdyansk. In 2010, he graduated from the medical college and obtained the specialty “Medical aid”. Immediately after graduation, he went to work as a paramedic at the paramedic-midwifery center in the village of Vilniansk, Zaporizhzhia region. In 2013, he decided to move to the city of Mariupol, where he worked for 5 years in an emergency medical service, as an emergency paramedic in a special brigade. He was an instructor and constantly traveled to other cities to conduct classes on first aid. In 2017, Volodymyr decided to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and began his service in the 555th military hospital. At first, he was a nurse in the triage department, then in the reception department. He also continued to teach military first aid.
He met February 24 at work and never returned home since then. On March 16, when my husband did not contact me for a week, I went to his work at hospital. On that day, an aerial bomb was launched at the hospital, and only the walls remained of it. There I was informed that my husband had gone to the Azovstal plant for reinforcements. The first message from him came on March 28, when I was able to leave Mariupol – “I’m fine, I’m alive” was the long-awaited message.
He stayed in Azovstal for 2.5 months, we had occasional communication. There, together with his brothers, he rescued lives of hundreds of wounded. Without sleep and rest, without enough food and medicine. On February 18, my husband reported that he was taken to captivity by order.
On September 29, I heard his voice: “I am in captivity, everything is fine. I hope to return soon”
His wife and mother are waiting for him at home

Yaroslav Synytskyi
Military medic

Sinytskyi Yaroslav Serhiyovych. 14.07.1994

After graduating from school, he entered the Kharkiv Medical University, where he worked in an ambulance almost from the 1st year of study. He had about 15 shifts a month, after work each morning, he went to study. And all for the sake of learning how to rescue people’s lives. He also graduated from Mykolaiv University, where he got degree in rehabilitation. He likes football very much. He is so talented. He even worked as a medic during matches.

Then he decided to join the army in order to raise a real man in himself, and again, to be where he might be needed during the war – to rescue the lives of Ukrainians. So he got into the service of the 36th brigade. In May 2022, Yaroslav was already supposed to return home to Kharkiv. But that cursed night of the 24th came… He immediately found himself in the very hell – Mariupol. Of course, at first everyone was scared, they didn’t know what to do, but he, like all his brothers, quickly got a hold of themselves and held their own, risking their lives every second to save others. He got in touch sometimes every other day, sometimes once a week. And that connection was “+”. Such a long-awaited “+”. “I am alive”. Before being captured, their brigade was at the Ilyich factory. Then, on April 12, after two days of silence, he texted me: “hello, love. I love you very much, remember this forever.” And silence again… I forgot how to breathe. Because she clearly understood that it was not just like that. Then, at 3 o’clock, he wrote from someone else’s phone that: “the brigade is in captivity. Everything will be fine. I love you very much.”

Lots of months and days passed since that day already.

That damned silence without his voice.

I am very grateful to the universe that there were those people who saw him in captivity, who said that he was alive and well.

But all the same, it does not fit in the head, as in the 21st century, a person can sit in captivity. A doctor who is supposed to save lives has been in captivity for almost a year.

But I am so happy that I know he is alive. God hears us.

And we will hug very soon.

Dmytro Selyutin
Military medic

Selyutin Dmytro Dmytrovych was born on May 13, 1997. In 2016, he graduated from the Kivertsi medical college and got the qualification of paramedic. Since May 2017, he was called up for military service. And in 2018, after hearing that there was a shortage of medics in the ATO/OS area, he signed a contract and joined the 36th brigade. Later, after training as part of the same brigade, as a military medic, he provided aid to the wounded near the settlement of Vodyane, near Mariupol.
Dmytro encountered a full-scale invasion in Shirokino (this settlement is also near the city of Mariupol). At that time, he was on rotation, which began in November 2021. As already on the morning of February 24, fierce battles and the Russian offensive began at this position, the brigade had to retreat to the city of Mariupol in order to save the lives of the soldiers.
From that day on, there was practically no contact with Dmitry. During March, he was able to call his relatives only 4-5 times. Sometimes Dmytro sent text messages with the approximate content: “Everything is fine, we are holding on, there are many wounded.” The last such message came on April 7, 2022.
And on April 12, 2022, Dmytro called from an unknown number and said that he had been captured. Later, it turned out that he made that call from the phone of the medic of their unit, who was also captured at the time and was released after a certain time. From that day until today, that is, for almost a whole year, there was not a single call from him.
The only news from Dmytro during the entire time he was in captivity was a letter that came to his family on August 30, 2022. The date of its writing was indicated on it – “30.05.2022”. The families of other prisoners also received letters with a similar content.
Unfortunately, for almost a year of captivity, Dmytro’s relatives could not find a single photo or video where they could see him and make sure that everything is fine with him. That letter was the only and so far the last news.
His mother, sister and brother are eagerly waiting for him at home.

Anatolii Plyashnyk
Head of the medical department

Plyashnik Anatoly Ivanovich

A doctor fights with his mind and knowledge, not with weapons.

Anatoly Plyashnyk is primarily a doctor, not a soldier.

Helping, treating illnesses and injuries is a job he has been doing for more than 30 years, regardless of where he was.

First there was a war that he did not choose. He, like thousands of conscripts in the Soviet army, was sent to fight in distant Afghanistan without their consent. That is how Anatoliy Plyashnyk became a medical instructor who provided medical aid to the wounded on the battlefield. His “weapon” became knowledge, accuracy and speed of movements and analysis of the situation in order to save and take care of the health of others.

Then there was training at a medical institute to become a doctor and provide medical care at the highest professional level. And also a calm, orderly life filled with care for the family: parents, wife and daughter. Ordinary everyday joys and difficulties, meetings with friends and trips to relatives.

“Boys need to be treated by someone. I can do it, that’s why I will go to serve in the Armed Forces,” Anatoly Plyashnyk informed his family of his decision to become a military doctor again. Despite his rather respectable age and health problems, he chose the path of helping the defenders of Ukraine.

Thus began a war for him, which he chose. By chance, in February 2022, he found himself in Mariupol as part of the medical company of the 36th Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilinskyi.

Anatoly Plyashnyk’s old parents are waiting at home, from whom every day of uncertainty about the fate of their son takes months of their life. And also – a wife, a daughter and a small grandson, who really needs a grandfather for important children’s joys.

Valerii Olenych
Military medic

My son, Valery Vitalyovich Olenych, born on June 28, 2000.

From an early age, we taught him that all disputes can be resolved with words, if you can’t, then you haven’t found the right words. Therefore, he was always the savior of his friends, he smoothed out all the sharp corners, and he always reconciled those who started fights. Therefore, when the question arose of choosing a future profession, he decided that he should help people. He decided to prepare to join the Ministry of Emergency Situations, but a summons came. After learning about Valery’s plans at the military headquarters, they offered him an alternative to conscription, a contract. He agreed, hoping to get the most out of contract service. There he trained as a paramedic. On February 24, my son was found near Mariupol, where he was performing the duties of a platoon medic. We remember those short calls from our son…

“Mom, I’m fine, unfortunately I can’t provide full help to everyone.”

And when they retreated to Mariupol, he cheered up, because there was a hospital there.

During the entire defense of Mariupol, he never once said how difficult it was for him, he only regretted that medicine, water, food were running out…

“Mom, we are helping everyone, there are a lot of wounded civilians here.”

He was captured while trying to break out of the city…

We know from the released brothers that he was in Olenivka, and even there he tried to help people…

Silence until today, we don’t know how he is, but we believe and wait with all our hearts…

Grigoriy Korjyk
Military medic

Korzyk Gryhoriy Oleksiiovych, born on August 9, 1970. He always wanted to help people, he brought goodness, peace, and harmony to every house, therefore, after graduating from school in 1988, he entered the Berdyansk Medical School to become a paramedic. After graduating from school, he entered the ranks of the Poltava Technical College, majoring in orthopedist and stomatologist. After graduating with honors, he began serving in the 501st battalion, 36th separate marine brigade, as a paramedic, combat medic.
He rescued lives for many years.
On February 24, he met in Shirokyno, Donetsk region.
He was captured on April 4, 2022. There was no news from him. His loving wife is waiting for him at home!!!

Rostislav Druzhytskyi
Military doctor-dentist

Druzhytskyi Rostislav Oleksandrovych, born on June 20, 1990. from 2007 to 2014 he studied at the Ukrainian Medical and Stomatological Academy. After graduation, he worked from 2014 to 2020 as a dentist at the Kotelivsk, Kotelva village, Poltava region. He is very sensitive, not indifferent to other people’s grief. That is why he decided to join the ranks on a contract basis Armed Forces. In November 2020, he accepted the duties and position of head of the mobile dental office of the medical company of the A2802 military unit in Mykolaiv. February 24, 2022, he met in Mariupol, where he was on rotation. Since then, I have not heard my son’s voice only once a week by SMS from two or three words, but it’s like a whole letter. I can’t describe the whole picture, only guesses. The last text message was on May 15, 2022, where he said that everything would be fine. He was in Azovstal at the time. Later, I received a call from the Red Cross and they said that the son was evacuated from Azovstal by order of the commander-in-chief. Only doctor Yevgeny was released on September 21, 2022. confirmed that he saw my son and was with him in Olenivka until September, after which he was staged on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the moment, all my appeals are useless, no one can tell where my son is, in what condition he is.

Serhii Doroshenko
Military medic

Doroshenko Serhii Volodymyrovych was born on November 16, 1981 in the city of Mariupol.
In 2005, he graduated from the Zaporizhzhya State Medical University with a specialty of “Pediatrics”.
In 2008, he obtained a second higher education – “Psychology”.
Serhii always seeks to gain new knowledge and master new skills, so he constantly participates in various conferences, seminars, and trainings.
Before the full-scale invasion, Serhiy worked as a pediatrician at the Central Medical Center No. 5 in Mariupol.
February 24, 2022 was our youngest child’s 1st birthday, there were many plans for the day, but the full-scale invasion of Russia changed everything…
On February 25, early in the morning, Serhii went to the Military Commissariat and joined the ranks of the territorial defense.
I and my children stayed in the blockaded Mariupol until the beginning of May, we lost contact on February 28, so I had no information about my husband.
In the first days of March, Serhiy managed to give us a note – on half of a medical mask, one short, but such an important word – Alive…
Survived by mirracle, at the beginning of May my children and I were finally able to leave the occupied city. Having escaped from the hell of destroyed Mariupol, from the information vacuum, I began to collect information about my husband little by little. In mid-May, I found Serhiy in the lists of prisoners from the Ilyich factory. That’s how we found out that the man was captured.
In the last days of May, Serhiy called and said that he was in captivity together with the 555 hospital.
There was no further news from him.
At home, four children are waiting for Serhii, three of whom are small, his wife and mother.

Dmytro Bogdanenko
Resident doctor

Dmytro Bohdanenko’s wife – Svitlana:

“My husband and I met when he was in the second year of medical college. Even then, he dreamed of becoming a military doctor in order to be able to help those who suffered from the war. College was just the beginning of a long road to this dream, and the next step was medical university. The profession of a doctor requires an incredible amount of effort and work, but this did not stop Dmytro, on the contrary, he increasingly wanted to be a military doctor in order to help people wounded in the war and protect his country.

Of course, I was aware of what it means to be a medic: on duty in hospitals, urgent calls to work, a very busy schedule, and the title of a military medic imposes even more responsibilities on a person. That’s why I asked Dmitry to give up this dream, to choose something else, but in response I kept hearing one thing: “I have to help the wounded and I have to do everything so that you and our children live in a peaceful country.” Therefore, immediately after the medical university, he did not go to the usual internship, but entered the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy. Again a lot of training, again on duty and lots and lots of work, but could this be an obstacle on the way to the dream? And so, after this long, multi-year and somewhat exhausting journey, my husband realized what he so longed for – he became a military doctor, an officer of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I haven’t seen him as happy as the day he received this title – it’s been a long time.

And then we had many more plans and dreams: our own home, travel and many happy days together. But all this was crossed out by one day – February 24, 2022, a day that will forever become black for millions of Ukrainians.

Dmytro met the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in Mariupol. We didn’t talk much, because they had a lot of wounded people who needed emergency care. But in the few free minutes he had, he called me. Dmytro did not tell much about what was happening there, he was very worried about us and the children, so he constantly reassured us: “Don’t worry. I’m all right. I am where I should be – with the wounded. And your main task is to protect children and yourself.”

Dmytro was still in touch on April 9. He spoke very calmly, said that the situation was difficult, but again asked to protect the children first of all. And to pray… And already on April 15, I got a call from a Russian number, introduced myself as employees of the Donetsk National Republic, and informed that my husband had been captured. I didn’t believe it. How can you take medics prisoner? Therefore, I persuaded them to give the phone to my husband. And then my Dmytro confirmed that he was indeed captured.

And now, for 10 months, our best dad and husband, a doctor whose main task was to save the wounded, has been in captivity. And we are waiting… We are waiting and hoping for our HERO to return home.”