Military medics of Ukraine
Igor Dmytrykovskii
Military medic

Dmytrykovskii Igor Olegovich. Story from a wife..
In 2018, Igor signed a contract with the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
In 2019, I left maternity leave and transferred from Zaporizhia to the Mariupol Motorized Infantry Brigade.
I hardly saw my husband, because his battalion is constantly on combat missions, I am in Mariupol with my child. He was at home for about 2-3 months a year.
In 2021, my contract expired and I signed a new one with the Command of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the position of command officer.
In February 2022, a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine began.
On February 21, my husband and I were summoned to our military units due to a combat alert.
During the full-scale invasion, we met with husband via face time.
At the beginning of March, their air defense was destroyed by the Russian aggressor. He came and talked to my commander and the commander left him in the reinforced hospital.
We felt the first shelling at the hospital in the end of February. And on March 16, the Russian Federation launched a bomb on the intensive care unit. When these bombings took place, I was at the sorting area where the wounded were brought. The commanders decided to relocate to the territory of the Ilyicha plant. They took all the wounded, medical equipment, medicines, rear support with them. An operating room was opened at the new location. The conditions were very difficult. In some places, the personnel rested on the floor, because the priority was the wounded.
In mid-March, the number of wounded and injured people increased significantly. There were times when they did not sleep for several days. But they did everything in their power to rescue people. Sometimes the doctors did not sleep at all. The hospital worked 24/7 in the literal sense of this understanding.
There were no bunkers like in Azovstal. We settled in basements. But even here we had to change our location all the time, because we were bombarded all the time, and the enemy was already entering the territory of the plant.
Igor carried the wounded with his own hands, because there were no stretchers, the wounded lay on them. Stretchers were placed on 2 benches and there were beds for them so that they did not lie on the floor.
The personnel rested, when there was time, on the boxes, on the floor. Igor got a hernia while carrying people. We didn’t have a stretcher, so he carried the wounded in his arms. Carry them with you to the basement. There was no living space on the feet. I gave him compresses with betadine so that they would sum up the wounds. Our surgeon told me to do it. Then there was captivity…
Igor’s wife was returned from captivity. But he is still there.

Igor returned home on April 26, 2023 as part of the exchange of military prisoners of war