Military medics of Ukraine
The tragedy of the Mariupol hospital

Military hospital No. 555 in Mariupol is the closest to the front line. The place where wounded are sent immediately. Doctors here provide care non-stop during the day and night – from the first days of the war to the present day.

Fully equipped with modern expert medical equipment. A polyclinic, surgery, resuscitation and intensive care department, traumatology, neurology, and therapy worked there. On the basis of infectious diseases, a department for patients with coronavirus disease has been deployed. There is a dental department with a modern mobile dental office.

On July 16, 2022, the Mariupol Military Hospital No. 555 was supposed to celebrate its first anniversary. But on February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale attack on the peaceful cities of Ukraine. The hospital was located in the Kalmius district near the Ilyicha plant. Next to the “Neptune” swimming pool. The hospital received a huge number of wounded, and not only military, but also civilians. And from the very first days of the invasion, the Russian military systematically attacked the hospital buildings with all possible means – mortars, artillery and aerial bombs. They destroyed hospitals in a targeted manner, knowing that there were civilians there. Knowing that there are wounded. Knowing that people are in need of medical aid there. That is why they beat as much as they could.

On March 16, as a result of an airstrike, the last working building of the hospital was destroyed. Those who managed to survive – both doctors and wounded – relocated to the locations of the Illicha and Azovstal plants. After some time, they were captured by the Russian army. And now for almost a year military medics have been held hostage in the Russian concentration camps.

We collected testimonies of doctors who were in the hospital at that time. You should all know about Russia’s crimes. No military medic should remain in captivity. We call on the international community – help save military medics from the hell of Russian captivity!