Military medics of Ukraine
Andrii Shydlovskiy
Military medic

Andrii was born in 1994 in the Rivne region. He was an active boy from an early age, participating in all school events and concerts.
In addition, he was very interested in biology and wanted to become a doctor.
In 2012, he entered the Dnipro Medical Academy, and during all six years of studentship and two years of internship, he was active in all matters. It is impossible to find a person who does not know who Andrii Shidlovskyi is) the organizer of hostel parties, the headman, to solve problems or need help – all turn to Andrii. But he did not forget about medicine. From the third year, he started working in intensive care in order to learn the art of intensive therapy and to help people. He worked very hard and hard. During his internship, he lived in a hospital, gained experience, and saved people’s lives in a team with other employees of the department. There he showed himself as sincere, kind, selfless, he is the kind of person who will help and save in any case, the kind that a real doctor and a decent person should be.
In 2020, Andriy became a military medic. To rescue and help where there are critically few people of his specialty. Before the full-scale invasion, he was on rotation with his unit in the war zone. There he worked in the medical center, periodically went to the city, bought medicine for the boys, treated them, made rounds. He even had time to learn new things, because being a doctor means continuous professional development.
After February 24, Andrii found himself in Mariupol almost immediately. He rarely communicated. He always called “in a good mood, was always fed, dressed and always slept”, oh, this is so similar to Andrii). there was no internet. He called once every 3-4 days, for a couple of minutes. And in those conversations there were constant explosions, they seemed not to die out at all… The best gift for March 8 is two minutes of conversation with him. And then he disappeared for 19 long days. I didn’t know what happened to him, if he was even alive. It seemed that I was going crazy from the unknown and waiting… Then I just didn’t know that then I would wait for 10 months … and this is not the end. On April 5, he got in touch, they had the Internet from somewhere. Then I found out that all this time they and the hospital were constantly in the bunker, that he works as an anesthesiologist and not only that: dressings, surgeries, medical appointments. That’s when he sent me these photos of people saving lives with headlamps in the basement.
Then the connection disappeared again. He appeared only on April 12, when Andriy reported that they had been captured.
I know that he is alive, it is reported to me by those who have escaped from captivity. I also know that he did not betray his medical duty, that he is the one who is called a real doctor. Which is a big plus, but in these conditions, unfortunately, also a minus.
I hope that he will come out very soon and tell himself what adventures and trials fell on his young doctor’s shoulders.
His family and friends, whom Andrii has a lot, are waiting for him.