Military medics of Ukraine
Vladislav Didukh
Head of the hospital department

Didukh Vladislav Serhiyovych was born on November 11, 1993 in Zaporizhzhia near the Sea of Azov. After the ninth grade, he entered the Ivan Bohun Kyiv Military Lyceum. After graduating from the lyceum, he entered the O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University at the Faculty of Training Doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After graduating from the university, he continued his studies at the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy. After the first year, he got a medical internship at the 555th Mariupol hospital, where he really liked working. After graduating from the academy, he decided on Mariupol, where after a year of work, he headed the hospital department of the hospital. Vladyslav loves his profession very much, in the fall of 2021 he graduated from cardiology courses. After their hospital was bombed, they were transferred to the Ilyicha metallurgical plant, from where he was captured. The last information the family has is that he called from captivity on June 8, and there was no further contact with him.