Military medics of Ukraine
Ostap Reshitnyk
Sanitary instructor-disinfector

Reshitnyk Ostap Hryhorovych, born on December 12, 1988. In the city of Lviv After finishing school, he went to military service. During his service, he realized that he wanted to devote his life to the state. Therefore, in 2009, he signed a contract to serve in the Armed Forces. Since 2014, he has been on rotations in the east of our country as part of mobile hospitals and mobile san-epid groups. As a sanitary instructor, he helped our military. On February 18, 2022, without any doubts, he went on rotation again. He was sent to 555 Mariupol Hospital. Since the beginning of the invasion of the aggressor state, the daughter and son have hardly heard from their father. And since 1.03, they have completely lost contact. The last information we knew about our father was 04/03/2022. It was a message “alive and healthy.” There is no connection” a few weeks later we learned that our father was captured. After seeing the photo on Telegram channels. He was taken prisoner from the Illich plant along with all the other doctors. From that moment there was only silence and silence. No information, no news. Knocking on all possible doors… Unfortunately, it also turned out to be fruitless. 10 months of captivity – 10 months of silence.