Military medics of Ukraine
Oleksandr Teteryatnikov
Military medic

Oleksandr Borisovych Teteryatnikov. Born on September 2, 1977  

From 31.03.2015  – Olekasndr is contracted military solider in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He was an ambulance driver in a military hospital.

With his courage, experience, concentration and ability to quickly make decisions and react to difficult situations, he saved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands.

On February 24, he was sent to Mariupol from surgery and treatment in a hospital in the city of Dnipro. Being surrounded in Mariupol, survived  during the missile attack  on the hospital. On April 12, he was taken in captivity by russian troops. He was able to wright just  a few text messages to his wife.

There was no news or any response  from him. His wife and daughter are waiting for him to come back