Military medics of Ukraine
Nina Kolosinska
Military medic

We provided medical care around the clock, there was almost no time for rest. The hospital was one of the few medical institutions that functioned. We accepted everyone – military, civilians, children, women, elderly people. Although before the start of the full-scale war, we constantly worked with the wounded, but no one expected such a number of patients. In connection with a significant increase in surgical activity and dangerous working conditions, it was necessary to reorganize the work of the hospital. The number of beds was maximally expanded, and the number of operating tables was increased. About 85% of the hospital staff were involved in working with the wounded, regardless of the specifics of their work, before the start of the full-scale war. We made all possible and impossible to rescue as many people as possible.

Nina was captured by the Russians while leaving the Azovstal plant. She was returned home during the exchange on October 17, 2022.