Military medics of Ukraine
Kostyantyn Klochykhin
Military medic

Klochikhin Kostyantyn Mykhailovych, born on March 19, 1981. Since childhood, he dreamed of a microscope and wanted to be a doctor. In 2004, he graduated from the Zaporizhia State Medical University, in 2004-2006 he graduated from the specialization of general surgery. He worked in a prosthetic company. Since 2016, he became a doctor at the medical center of the National Guard military unit 3033, where he treated servicemen. Business trips to Mariupol and other places of the were the norm. But the latter became a trap for Konstantin. He went on this business trip on December 13, 2021, nothing foreshadowed trouble, but he seemed to feel it. He really didn’t want to go on this business trip. Since February, he often talked to his son about the war and the possibility of its beginning, saying that the Russian side was provoking. On February 24, he met in Volnovaha. At 04:15 he called and said that the …….. invasion had begun. I couldn’t believe it, as at the same moment the first explosion rang out in Zaporizhzhia. The very next day, they were transferred to Mariupol. He occasionally called and texted once every three days that he was alive. In one of the text messages, he wrote how they drove around the city in an ambulance under the cover of night without headlights and collected the wounded. Then the connection was lost, he did not call or write. But on April 12, 2022, at 03:15 at night, my son received an SMS – “I love you.” After that there was no information, complete silence, ignorance and misunderstanding… two weeks later we found out that he was captured along with the wounded soldiers and the 555th hospital.. And again there was complete silence. On May 26, the phone rang with an unknown number and it was Kostya, who said that he was alive, his arms and legs were intact and he was in captivity. It was a whole conversation in 15 seconds, but it seemed that nothing could be more important than the call. Then there was another call, where we managed to find out that he was in Olenivka. And again complete silence. Only the fighters leaving the exchanges confirmed his location. And so until today Kostya did not get in touch. Already 10 months of captivity and 1.2 years of business trip.