Military medics of Ukraine
Grigoriy Korjyk
Military medic

Korzyk Gryhoriy Oleksiiovych, born on August 9, 1970. He always wanted to help people, he brought goodness, peace, and harmony to every house, therefore, after graduating from school in 1988, he entered the Berdyansk Medical School to become a paramedic. After graduating from school, he entered the ranks of the Poltava Technical College, majoring in orthopedist and stomatologist. After graduating with honors, he began serving in the 501st battalion, 36th separate marine brigade, as a paramedic, combat medic.
He rescued lives for many years.
On February 24, he met in Shirokyno, Donetsk region.
He was captured on April 4, 2022. There was no news from him. His loving wife is waiting for him at home!!!