Military medics of Ukraine
Event – appeal to the embassies of the countries of the world

On April 24, 2023, the families of captured military medics took part in a peaceful action – an appeal to the embassies of the countries of the world with a request to help save their loved ones.

They visited the embassies of Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria and the USA. You can see how it was in this video.

Our appeal was sent to each of the embassies:

«We appeal to you and the government of your state with a request to help Ukrainian military medics

We urge you to highlight the facts of the capture of military medics by the Russian Federation!

We urge you to expand information about the inhumane conditions of their detention!

We urge you to contribute to their inclusion in the official lists of prisoners of war!

We urge you to demand that representatives of international organizations be given access to them!

We urge you to force the aggressor release Ukrainian military doctors from captivity!

Help us rescue the captured military medics of Ukraine!!!»

We are grateful to all representatives of the embassies who came to meet the families. Your support is very important to each of us.

We also want to thank all the journalists who came that day and helped cover this event at the national and international levels.

Video about the action from 1+1 journalists