Military medics of Ukraine
Volodymyr Skydan
Military medic

Skydan Volodymyr Volodymyrovych, born on April 6, 1991, in the city of Berdyansk. In 2010, he graduated from the medical college and obtained the specialty “Medical aid”. Immediately after graduation, he went to work as a paramedic at the paramedic-midwifery center in the village of Vilniansk, Zaporizhzhia region. In 2013, he decided to move to the city of Mariupol, where he worked for 5 years in an emergency medical service, as an emergency paramedic in a special brigade. He was an instructor and constantly traveled to other cities to conduct classes on first aid. In 2017, Volodymyr decided to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and began his service in the 555th military hospital. At first, he was a nurse in the triage department, then in the reception department. He also continued to teach military first aid.
He met February 24 at work and never returned home since then. On March 16, when my husband did not contact me for a week, I went to his work at hospital. On that day, an aerial bomb was launched at the hospital, and only the walls remained of it. There I was informed that my husband had gone to the Azovstal plant for reinforcements. The first message from him came on March 28, when I was able to leave Mariupol – “I’m fine, I’m alive” was the long-awaited message.
He stayed in Azovstal for 2.5 months, we had occasional communication. There, together with his brothers, he rescued lives of hundreds of wounded. Without sleep and rest, without enough food and medicine. On February 18, my husband reported that he was taken to captivity by order.
On September 29, I heard his voice: “I am in captivity, everything is fine. I hope to return soon”
His wife and mother are waiting for him at home