Military medics of Ukraine
Serhii Doroshenko
Military medic

Doroshenko Serhii Volodymyrovych was born on November 16, 1981 in the city of Mariupol.
In 2005, he graduated from the Zaporizhzhya State Medical University with a specialty of “Pediatrics”.
In 2008, he obtained a second higher education – “Psychology”.
Serhii always seeks to gain new knowledge and master new skills, so he constantly participates in various conferences, seminars, and trainings.
Before the full-scale invasion, Serhiy worked as a pediatrician at the Central Medical Center No. 5 in Mariupol.
February 24, 2022 was our youngest child’s 1st birthday, there were many plans for the day, but the full-scale invasion of Russia changed everything…
On February 25, early in the morning, Serhii went to the Military Commissariat and joined the ranks of the territorial defense.
I and my children stayed in the blockaded Mariupol until the beginning of May, we lost contact on February 28, so I had no information about my husband.
In the first days of March, Serhiy managed to give us a note – on half of a medical mask, one short, but such an important word – Alive…
Survived by mirracle, at the beginning of May my children and I were finally able to leave the occupied city. Having escaped from the hell of destroyed Mariupol, from the information vacuum, I began to collect information about my husband little by little. In mid-May, I found Serhiy in the lists of prisoners from the Ilyich factory. That’s how we found out that the man was captured.
In the last days of May, Serhiy called and said that he was in captivity together with the 555 hospital.
There was no further news from him.
At home, four children are waiting for Serhii, three of whom are small, his wife and mother.