Military medics of Ukraine
Igor Turchak
Military medic

Turchak Igor Eduardovych, born on October 29, 1984 in Ukraine. In 2014, when the war came to Ukraine, Ihor without hesitation joined the 36th separate brigade of marines named after Mykhailo Bilinsky, to defend his country.
After training in combat skills and providing first aid to the wounded on the battlefield, since 2015 he served in the hottest points of combat clashes, protecting the sovereignty and integrity of his State.
In 2019, Igor decides to transfer to a medical company, after completing additional courses of pre-medical care in combat conditions, he gets the occupation of driver of an evacuation medical vehicle. Back to the forefront – hot spots again.
During the war, many lives were saved – emergency aid was provided, hundreds of wounded comrades were evacuated from the battlefield. Being a driver in a medical brigade in war is difficult, first of all, morally – constantly passing through all the pain, fear and despair of wounded comrades, understanding that a person’s life depends on your composure, professionalism and speed…but sometimes nothing depends on you , you are behind the wheel and medicine on the battlefield, unfortunately, is not all-powerful… But there is no time for procrastination and doubts, fight again, drive – we are working.
It was the same in the spring of 2022. The task of his brigade was to evacuate the wounded to the Ilyicha factory in Mariupol, where professional doctors were already waiting to provide the necessary assistance – the conditions are extremely difficult, but everyone works in one team, the goal is to rescue everyone’s life, above all else.
On April 15, 2022, the call – “I am in captivity, I love you very much” … And then 5 months of silence … We are in the darkness of the unknown – where to turn, where to look for at least some information, how is he there …
In August, like a breath of air, a letter from Igor, only three lines, three so desired, so long-awaited lines: “I am in captivity, I am really waiting for an exchange to return home.”
And again 5 months of silence… And no one can say where he is, in what condition, whether he will be on the lists for exchange…
A year of full-scale war in Ukraine, 10 months Igor in captivity.
Eight years of Birthdays, his daughter Eva celebrates without her father, she is already 17, from a little girl in pink skirts, with bows in her hair, Eva turned to a young girl, she graduates and is looking forward to her father.
Also, Igor’s wife, Kateryna, is very much looking forward to his return. During the years of Igor’s service, Kateryna was forced to become the head of the family and raise her daughter alone. But no matter how difficult it was during his long business trips to the war zone, Katya always waited for Igor, and she is waiting now. Waiting with faith and love.
Igor’s family believes in the strength of their country, in its indomitability – Ukraine is unbreakable by its hero sons who stood up to protect their families and homes.