Military medics of Ukraine
Dmytro Selyutin
Military medic

Selyutin Dmytro Dmytrovych was born on May 13, 1997. In 2016, he graduated from the Kivertsi medical college and got the qualification of paramedic. Since May 2017, he was called up for military service. And in 2018, after hearing that there was a shortage of medics in the ATO/OS area, he signed a contract and joined the 36th brigade. Later, after training as part of the same brigade, as a military medic, he provided aid to the wounded near the settlement of Vodyane, near Mariupol.
Dmytro encountered a full-scale invasion in Shirokino (this settlement is also near the city of Mariupol). At that time, he was on rotation, which began in November 2021. As already on the morning of February 24, fierce battles and the Russian offensive began at this position, the brigade had to retreat to the city of Mariupol in order to save the lives of the soldiers.
From that day on, there was practically no contact with Dmitry. During March, he was able to call his relatives only 4-5 times. Sometimes Dmytro sent text messages with the approximate content: “Everything is fine, we are holding on, there are many wounded.” The last such message came on April 7, 2022.
And on April 12, 2022, Dmytro called from an unknown number and said that he had been captured. Later, it turned out that he made that call from the phone of the medic of their unit, who was also captured at the time and was released after a certain time. From that day until today, that is, for almost a whole year, there was not a single call from him.
The only news from Dmytro during the entire time he was in captivity was a letter that came to his family on August 30, 2022. The date of its writing was indicated on it – “30.05.2022”. The families of other prisoners also received letters with a similar content.
Unfortunately, for almost a year of captivity, Dmytro’s relatives could not find a single photo or video where they could see him and make sure that everything is fine with him. That letter was the only and so far the last news.
His mother, sister and brother are eagerly waiting for him at home.